MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” is a one-versus-many, hidden-movement game about a top-secret organization that uses psychic spies to alter world events.

One player is the Recruiter for MIND MGMT who must race around Zanzibar in an attempt to collect enough new recruits to win.

All the other players are Rogue Agents who used to work for MIND MGMT, but now are trying to take it down from the outside. If they can deduce and pinpoint the exact location of the Recruiter they win!

Amazing features:

  • One of the fastest hidden movement games on the market!
  • Secrets throughout lead to print & play content for the game!
  • Solo & Co-op mode included with free iOs and Android app
  • Campaign-style game with 14 sealed packages to unlock

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“I’m typically not a fan of secret-movement games. NONE of those reasons exist in this game though. games like this could win over an entire genre for me!”

– Will Meadows, Tantrum House

“When it comes to hidden movement games, you have to do something different to stand out, and I think MIND MGMT’s system of using logical deduction to follow the hidden player’s movements is one of the most interesting and stand-out systems I’ve seen to date.”

– Ryan Schoon, Man Vs. Meeple

“Playing Mind MGMT, you’ll access those parts of the brain you usually never use while you try to find that elusive recruiter to win the game.”

– Jonathan Liu, GeekDad

“My favourite hidden movement game of all time”

– Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

“A stunningly-catching art style and tight gameplay that absolutely works. The addition of the shift system is the perfect topping on this already-outstanding cake.”

– Nicholas Leeman, GLHF

“Look out Whitechapel. There’s a new hidden movement game in town, and it’s going to blow your mind!”

– Derek Funkhouser, Boardgame Spotlight

“MIND MGMT takes hidden movement to a whole new level with additional variants and an incredibly cool retro feel.”

– Michael Wright, Unfiltered Gamer

“MIND MGMT does something unique within the hidden movement genre. Set collection, pattern recognition and board control all tied to a wicked theme.”

– Jesse and Jan, Quackalope

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