Lewis & Clark...Fight Monsters in this Co-op Deduction Board Game!

Dive into an immersive world of deduction and strategy in Corps of Discovery, the co-op game that brings Lewis and Clark’s exploration to life. Explore the land, make contact with the nations living there, and kill all the monsters in this alternative history! From the designers of MIND MGMT, Junk Art, and Belfort!

Moving Beyond “Manifest Destiny” by Sen-Foong Lim,

Forge Your Path - Asymmetric Play for Unique Adventures!

With numerous characters and gear cards, Corps of Discovery offers endless combinations. Each player selects one of each, ensuring every game is a new adventure. Discover strategic depth and replayability like never before.

Immersive Art!

Matthew Roberts, the artist behind the comic, brings the game to life with breathtaking art. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world that enhances the gaming experience and captivates both new and experienced players.

Complete numerous Challenges

Find and kill monsters!

Use your gear wisely.

Learn, Play, Explore - Training Mission Included!

Explore the world of Manifest Destiny with confidence. Corps of Discovery includes a Training Mission, ensuring a satisfying onboarding experience for all skill levels. Start with 2 training maps, and when you’re ready, progress to more challenging gameplay.

Uncover Secrets while Exploring!

Corps of Discovery introduces a groundbreaking contraption for deduction gameplay. Lift tokens to reveal different terrains, offering a tactile and never-before-seen gaming experience.

Unlimited replayability!

New maps will be offered on our website. Download and print them for limitless exploration and fun!

Use Your Smarts and Deduce to Survive!

In order to survive you need to find specific resources. Fortunately you know the rules of the land as each terrain type has a specific rule on how it can be found.

And there's more on Kickstarter!

Corps of Discovery delivers a unique contraption, stunning art, and endless replayability. Plus, with four expansions available, you’ll have a lot of content to explore!

Exterminate giant insects!

Fight the head-stealing monstrosity!

Deduce who amongst the expedition is a traitor!

Fumble your way through a madness-inducing fog!