Harrow County – Fair Folk Expansion


This expansion lets you play 2,3, or up to 4 players when combined with the Harrow County base game. The Fair Folk are a lot nicer than Hester and leave fairy nests lying around with offers that all the other players want. When they take them, they have to provide information to the Fair Folk about where the Queen, her crown, or her sword are located!

Why stop at 3 players when 4 players can play together? The Fair Folk expansion allows a player to play as the third or fourth player in any game, or as the second player against Hester.

The Fair Folk are minding their own business when someone kidnapped their queen as well as her crown and sword. The other players know where they are, but you do not.

You have to locate them during the battles that are going on above ground. To make matters worse, you're not able to do anything on your own due to ancient Fairy rules. Instead you need to make bargains and deals with other players to help you locate the queen and her stolen items.

How they play

The Fair Folk take smaller turns after each of the 2 factions take a turn. They place a Fairy nest along with an offer in that nest on any hex on the map.

If a player takes the offer and if the Fair Folk have enough silver cubes come out of the tree, the nest stays and the other players are forced to give information about the queen's sword, crown, or the location of the queen herself.

If the Fair Folk find their queen, then they win. It's possible that 2 players can win when the Fair Folk are playing. One of the factions could get to 7 points during the same round when the Fair Folk find their queen!

Game is made in China. Price is in USD. Game is only shipping to Canada and US currently.